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Add Products To An Event, Session Or Booking

Products can be applied to an Event, Session or a Booking. Add Products to an Event You may be charging for attendance at an Event. The Product, i.e. the cost of the Event, can be associated with the Event and will will be applied to all Bookings.  To add Products to your Event Click the…


Products can be created in Gold-Vision either by importing your product details or creating them manually in the Settings area under Products.

Managing Quote Products

Once a quote has been created users can add products to the quote. Below are the different ways on how products can be added:

Tax Codes

Tax Codes can be managed in the Settings area. New Tax Codes can be set up by selecting the New Icon.

Product Settings

Lock closed Opportunities for non-admin. Yes – when accessing a closed opportunity, only administrators will be presented with an Open menu option, allowing further editing. The purpose of this is to ensure that historical sales information may be protected – especially if commissions are involved. Allow list price changes for non-admin Yes – This allows…

Managing Quotes

Users can easily manage their sales Quotes from within Opportunities

Creating a Quote

Users can setup one or more quotes within an Opportunity. Gold-Vision Quotes are full multi-currency, and are consolidated at the Opportunity in base currency. Create a Quote From the Opportunity use the New Icon and select Quote