Lead Scoring

Why use Lead Scoring

Combine Touch Points with Lead Management to create a marketing lead scoring system resulting in fully qualified leads. It’s a great way to work out which of your leads are close to being sales ready.
Web ScoringAutomatically score leads based on the interest they show in your business. When a Lead clicks on a specific page on your web site they will accumulate Touch Points. Filter the list data and assign high-scoring leads to sales teams.
ConnectCreate scores based on interactions with your Connect emails, if a Lead click on a link in a Connect email they receive they will get a Touch Point score, you can then monitor their interest in your Company.
SocialCreate scores based on interactions with your company Facebook or Twitter account, see who interacts with you via social media.

What Next?

Use the scoring system to qualify your leads

Add to a Lead Nurture Campaign

Re-assign to a Sales Person or promote the Lead in to Gold-Vision.

Or using Marketing Automation, alert the Lead owner when a Lead score raises over a nominal score.

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