Engagement Overview

Engagement scoring is a great way to determine when the Sales team or Account Manager should get in contact with a Lead, Prospect or Customer. 

For example…

The sales team can easily see when a prospect or lead is trending upwards and follow up.

An Account Manager can easily view a downward trend and be pro-active in contacting the customer.

Engagement scores offer insights against Accounts, Contacts & Leads.

List View – You will be able to view the Engagement History and Trend on your Account, Contact & Lead lists.

  • Engagement History shows a trend over a seven-day period.
  • The Trend arrow shows the overall positive or negative trend over the last 60 days.

Engagement Sections display an Engagement Score, Trend direction and a Timeline view of events in the last 60 days together with the score direction – TwoUp, OneUp, Neutral, OneDown or TwoDown.

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