Using Standard Paragraphs in Advanced Mode

A Paragraph is a large block of customisable text which can be used within templates when generating documents from Gold-Vision, for example Payment Terms.

Add a new Standard Paragraph

In Settings search for Standard Paragraphs, click new, enter name, the text
Once created the paragraph can be added to the screen design. Select the field → Configure

Drop Options → Configure Drop Options → Drop Paragraph → select the paragraph

Next add the code to your template, but suffix the field name with para

For example, to add the Payment Terms: Payment Terms: {{OP_UD8_ID.para}}

Using Standard Paragraphs in Standard Mode

Add the code to your Template as above but prefix with P: For example, to add the payment terms paragraph: Payment Terms: <P:OP_UD1_ID> (where OPQ_UD1_ID is the field name for field called Payment terms)

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