Preparing your Lead Data

The Gold-Vision Lead Management facility can be used to import a wide variety of different List formats. For example, you might have a list with just Company name, Contact name and email address, or alternatively you may have full Company and Contact details.

Check your Data

Firstly, decide which fields in the imported list will subsequently be linked to fields in the Gold-Vision Account, Contact & Opportunity records etc. It’s advisable to check the following:
  • There are no duplicate column headings within your source data
  • Columns you do not want to import have been deleted from your source data
  • Make sure your column headings don’t contain any special characters or symbols
  • The file should be saved as a CSV file before commencing
  • The data is in an acceptable format for initial insertion into Lead Management


  • Create a unique reference number for your leads – this could be crucial if you need to import more Leads to the Lead List or update import as you will need a match key .
  • If you think that you might at some point use (for example) a Data Cleansing Agency to update your Lead data, you need to add an extra column to your CSV file called Control Column.  See Updating an Import This will enable the import tool to identify what happens with the data ie whether the data should updated, inserted or deleted.

The Lead Management system can create some or all of:

  • An Account (Company) record
  • A Contact Record
  • An Opportunity e.g. a sales opportunity
  • An Account Activity e.g. a follow up call
  • A Project associated with the Company
At a later stage you can decide which fields need to be in the Gold-Vision destination record. See Using the Data Import Tool For instance, you may want specific fields imported into Lead Management which are not then used in the Gold-Vision Account record.

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