Gold Vision Import Report

A data import may fail due to incorrect mappings or invalid data. If an import fails, a Gold-Vision Import Report can be emailed to the user. The report contains a log file as an attachment which explains which row(s) failed and the reason for the failure.

Configuration for receiving a Gold-Vision Import Report Email

The SMTP Settings must be configured in Gold-Vision.

On the final step before starting an Import via the Gold-Vision Import Tool, ensure that the ‘Email a report and a link…’ option is checked and the email field contains a valid address.

Gold-Vision Import Report Email Information

  • Report email will have a heading called ‘Gold-Vision Import Report’.
  • The email may appear in the spam folder of the user’s inbox.
  • Contents of the email will show the number of rows processed, added, updated and failed.
  • A log file in CSV format will be attached to the email.

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