Introduction to Importing Leads

The Lead Management module provides an ideal environment for working on data outside of the main Gold-Vision system. For example, you may wish to keep a number of lists for marketing and lead generation purposes.

However, this data may not be in a state of accuracy, structure or completion where it can simply be loaded into the full CRM environment without compromising the existing data, and potentially triggering duplicate alerts.

Typically, this data may be in the form of a csv file from and an exhibition you have attended,  where that data may be incomplete and requiring qualification prior to inclusion in to Gold-Vision.  Using the Gold-Vision Import tool you can import the Leads, keeping them separate from your mail Gold-Vision Data.

Importing Leads Steps

  1. Configure Lead Management Settings
  2. Prepare your data
  3. Download the Data Import Tool
  4. Import your Leads
  5. Configure your Lead screen
  6. Assign leads
  7. Qualify, progress leads, promote to Gold-Vision

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