Monitor And Manage Privacy Data

The Privacy Dashboard will help you as an Administrator to manage Privacy Rules and Actions.

Subject Access Requests

Individuals have the right to access their personal data and supplementary information. If a Contact requests access to their personal data this can be actioned in the Contact record. The request can then be actioned by person responsible for data from the Administration Console. Under Article 12: you should process the request “without undue delay” and within one month.

Watch our web clip to see how to manage subject access requests:

Export Personal Sensitive Data

CSV file with Contact name (summary) and all fields which have been marked as personal or sensitive. Note: the fields marked as Personal or Sensitive are the fields which are erased.  If there are personal or sensitive fields stored in other Gold-Vision items, such as profiles or opportunities, they will also be listed.

Export Privacy Log

CSV file containing your lawful basis for processing, purposes and planned removal date.

Export Notes

CSV file of notes relating to the Contact or Lead.

Erasure Requests

The right to erasure is also known as ‘the right to be forgotten’. The erasure request list shows Contacts or Leads who have requested that their data be erased.  Contacts/Leads will be permanently removed from Gold-Vision and the database.

Expired Records

Removal Dates are there to show when a contact or lead has gone passed the original retention period that was applied based on the Privacy Rules. This does not mean that the data is removed automatically – or that you should not keep the contact or lead in Gold-Vision. It does give you the opportunity to review the data, check the lead or contact are still interested in your products or services or indeed, still an active customer. Ideally, users would review the data before the removal date was reached so that the Privacy Administrator can keep the data no longer than is necessary. Shows Contacts and Leads whose removal date has passed as well as deleted or dormant Contacts Filter this list as required to bulk erase.

Deleted Items

The Removal review list shows all records marked as deleted or dormant as well as Contacts whose removal date has passed. Filter the list to show only deleted Contacts or Leads. Records can be erased individually or in bulk.

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