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Updating an Import

There might be occasions when you need to update your Lead import. For example the data might have been cleansed/updated or you have some additional Leads from the same source. Rather that creating a new lead list you can update an existing lead list. Option 1  - Using a Control Column to update the original…

Preparing your Lead Data

The Gold-Vision Lead Management facility can be used to import a wide variety of different List formats. For example, you might have a list with just Company name, Contact name and email address, or alternatively you may have full Company and Contact details. Check your Data Firstly, decide which fields in the imported list will…

Introduction to Importing Leads

The Lead Management module provides an ideal environment for working on data outside of the main Gold-Vision system. For example, you may wish to keep a number of lists for marketing and lead generation purposes. However, this data may not be in a state of accuracy, structure or completion where it can simply be loaded…

Importing your Leads

Files can be imported into Lead Management in separated text formats such as CSV or tab delimited. Lead imports are performed in a similar way to standard Gold-Vision imports. Leads Import Download the Gold-Vision Import tool, and switch to the Lead Imports tab.

Downloading the Import Tool

Importing Leads uses the same import tool as importing data in to Gold-Vision. See Downloading the Data Import Tool for more information.

Lead Management Settings

Lead Management Settings allows you to set, for example, how imported data is displayed and who can create call backs for a Lead (either only the Owner, or anyone).

Configure your Lead Screens

When a list is imported a new, default screen layout is generated each time. Note - Each imported list has its own associated screen design, which will be used whenever data from that list is actioned. Lead Screen Design It is then possible to use the Screen Design facility to customise the layout of the…

Intro to Lead Management

With Gold-Vision’s Lead Management Tool you can capture, de-duplicate, score, qualify and allocate your leads with ease.  Use the tool to manage your leads separately from your main Gold-Vision data.  This is especially useful when you have data from multiple sources, for instance exhibitions, web leads and office enquiries.There are a number of options when…