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Mail Tracking & Calendar Troubleshooting

Message Advice (401) UnauthorizedLogin Failed Typically this message indicates that a username or password is incorrect within the mail tracking setup. Most mail tracking configurations require a username and password of an user or service account in order to connect to a mailbox. Review the core Mail Tracking Setup guides to learn how to update this information.…

Mail Tracking Settings

Apply MailScan Reset To force the mail scanner to scan back to a specific date, set the date and save. This will affect all users. Email Scan Exclusions Domain names which will be excluded from the mail scan.Format = is also possible to exclude particular pairs of correspondents – e.g. “” excludes correspondence between…

Email Templates For Alerting

Email Templates can be set within the Settings area. 

User Mail Tracking Setup

Gold-Vision can be setup to automatically track emails (and synchronises Appointments, Contacts and Tasks from Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 or Google) by using a service on the Gold-Vision server to access users' mailboxes and track emails. Click here to find out more about setting up the Service User account. When an email is tracked, an entire…

Using Word Mail Merge

Word mail merge can be used to create a personalise Outlook email to a group of recipients using a campaign source You can either create a campaign source and export the recipients or you can create a quick campaign and, from the stage, export the valid recipients. Creating a Quick Campaign Filter your contacts, create…

Personalise emails

Because Connect is fully integrated with Gold-Vision, you can use data from within your Gold-Vision database, such as First Name or Job Title, to personalise your emails with tags that will add a professional touch. Personalise Connect Templates To do this, double click on the text element that you would like to personalise:

How to send an email with Connect

So, you’ve followed all of the steps of setting up a Campaign, Campaign Stage and Sources and have Run your stage through to Connect – what’s next? Click the grid icon in the top right corner of your screen on Gold-Vision, then select Connect.

Email marketing introduction

Connect is Gold-Vision's integrated email marketing module, offering all the benefits of a professional high-volume email marketing application without the headaches of managing an extra database.