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Mail Tracking & Calendar Troubleshooting

Message Advice (401) UnauthorizedLogin Failed Typically this message indicates that a username or password is incorrect within the mail tracking setup. Most mail tracking configurations require a username and password of an user or service account in order to connect to a mailbox. Review the core Mail Tracking Setup guides to learn how to update this information.…

Calendar Synchronisation

Calendar Synchronisation allows appointments created in Gold-Vision to be synchronised with an external calendar system and for appointments created in an external calendar system to be brought synchronised into Gold-Vision. Calendar Synchronisation supports the following third party calendar providers: Microsoft Exchange (2007 or later) Google calendar Office 365 To enable calendar synchronisation you may need…

Report, Calendar, Map and Flows view

Gold-Vision data can be viewed in a variety of formats in the system. From the views drop down options users can select which view is required.  

Creating Appointments

Create a New Appointment Appointments can be created from the New Menu or from the Plus Menu against Account, Contact, Activity, Opportunity and Project records: