Diagnostics & Troubleshooting

Mail Tracking & Calendar Troubleshooting

When Gold-Vision mail tracking is not working as expected their can be a number of reasons behind the cause.  The below is a review of the most common cases to explore.

General Mail Tracking Diagnostics

The below sections cover general diagnostic information that can be used at a system-wide level to pinpoint either general error or used to identify specific users that are experiencing problems with mail tracking.  A good first port of call for looking into mail tracking issues.

Mail Tracking Diagnostics Tool

The quickest and easiest overview to find out if the user mail tracking is setup correctly is to use Mail Tracking Diagnostics under the Settings menu.  Here you can perform a mailbox and calendar connection test against all your Gold-Vision users, which will highlight any issues with the initial connection.  Please note this test may take a few minutes to run. Each user’s mailbox is checked to ensure that Gold-Vision can connect to it using the credentials.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select Mail Tracking Diagnostics
  3. The Diagnostics will run automatically
  4. Wait for the results
    • Not Set – Mail tracking has not been set up
    • OK – Mailbox connection was successful
    • Error – Mailbox connection failed, click ( i ) for details
  5. Adjustments may need to be made to the Mail Tracking Setup

An ‘OK‘ return means the connection was successful. If Error is returned, then the error icon can be clicked to show more information and the returned error message.



Tip: If an error is returned for a user clicking on the users name will also open up their user record.

Mail Tracking Logs

Global mail tracking logs can be found in the logs area under the settings menu.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select Logs 
  3. Locate the MailScanner_YYYY-MM-DD log (where YYYY-MM-DD represents today’s date)
  4. The log will by default contain connection and tracking errors

The log can be enhanced by turning on “Info Logging”.  Please note this will result in a much more verbose log that contains detailed steps from the mail tracker.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Select Log Settings 
  3. Against “Info Logging” and “Warning Logging” select Enabled 
  4. Save 

User Level Diagnostics

There are several settings available on a per-user basis that can affect mail tracking.

User Mailbox Connection Test

Whilst the mail tracking diagnostics provides a high level overview, more detailed information can be obtained by running individual tests against each user.

  1. Open the Settings menu
  2. Under User & Team Administration select Users
  3. Click on a user to open the record
  4. From the Actions Menu select Mail Tracking Settings
  5. Click the Test button
  6. A message will appear shortly reporting “Unable to Connect to Mailbox
  7. Open Settings and select Logs 
  8. Click on the  GoldVision8_YYYY-MM-DD log to download it
  9. Review the log for a message similar to “Failed to test mail tracking settings: <reason>”
  10. Use the table below to help resolve the issue

Login Failed
Typically this message indicates that a username or password is incorrect within the mail tracking setup. Most mail tracking configurations require a username and password of an user or service account in order to connect to a mailbox. Review the core Mail Tracking Setup guides to learn how to update this information.
The account does not have permission to impersonate the requested userService Account user doesn’t have the correct permissions setup. Click here to find out how to setup Service Account Permissions. If the Service Account credentials have been updated or changed, the User Mail Tracking Settings need to be updated as well.

Tip: Sometimes flipping the “Allow EWS impersonate” setting under Settings > Mail Tracking Settings can resolve this issue.
The specified object was not found in the store.

The ExchangePrincipal object contains outdated information.

The mailbox may have been moved recently.
This error message typically refers to a case where the service account provided to Gold-Vision is not present in the same Exchange domain as the mailbox it is trying to scan.

Check Mail Scanning Enabled per User

There are settings that control whether mail tracking is enabled on a per user basis.  There are two flags to be aware of “Disable Mail Scan“, which globally turns off mail tracking for a user and “Scan Emails” that tells the mail sync to track emails.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under User & Team Administration select Users
  3. Click on a user to open the record
  4. Ensure the Disable Mail Scan box is unchecked 
  5. Ensure the Scan Emails box is checked 
  6. Save 

Check User Scan Folders Setting

Check each user has been correctly configured to scan folders within their mailbox.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under User & Team Administration select Users
  3. Click on a user to open the record
  4. Ensure one of the below is present in the Mail Tracking Folders field
    • An asterisk  (means scan all folders) – recommended
    • A semi colon separated list of folder name : Inbox; Sent; Another Folder etc
  5. Save 

Review User Last Scanned Date

A quick check that can be performed against a user record is to review the user “Last Scanned” date, which is auto-populated when the mail tracker processes it.  If the scanned date is a long time ago it suggests a connection or service issue.  If the scanned date is recent it suggests mail scanning is working but some setting or rule is preventing some or all emails being tracked.

  1. Click Settings
  2. Under User & Team Administration select Users
  3. Click on a user to open the record
  4. Read the “Last Scanned Date” field data

Migration Issues

If you have migrated your email services recently and have not updated your Gold-Vision settings accordingly then this could be cause of mail failing to track.

Microsoft Exchange to Office 365 Migration

If you have migrated your email services from Exchange to Office 365 you will need to perform some configuration updates.  It’s not uncommon for there to be issues after a migration such as this and they cab be resolved typically by following the steps below:-

  1. Setup a new Service User Account for Office 365 
  2. Update User Mail Tracking Settings 
  3. Also update Calendar sync. Settings 


Settings Correct but Email Not Tracking

If all settings appear to be correct but some or all email is not being tracked into the system then check the below for common causes.

Why I can’t see emails tracked against an Account / Contact?

Emails will automatically track against an Account or Contact record if:

  1. The email domain field against the account has the relevant customer email domain.
    – Go to the specific account and look for Email Domains field, add the domain if this is missing
  2. The Contact Email field is filled in.
    – Go to the contact record to ensure the email address of the contact is entered in the Email field

Why can I see an email against the an Account or Contact I was not expecting?

  1. Check the email recipient list, especially CC/BCC, for emails addresses or domains that are stored against the account or contact

Emails are not automatically linking to Activities, Opportunities, Quotes or Projects

Emails will automatically track against Gold-Vision items when using reference numbers in the email subject

  1.  Check if the email subject has the correct reference that matches exactly
  2.  Check if the Reference Number Alert is active


Click here to find out how to automatically link emails to items using reference numbers and alerting.

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