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Updates Lists / Menu The Account field called External ID can be added to the Product Sales list You can now create Quick Quotes from a custom menu The Contacts sub list now retains the correct field labels Drop option and numerical fields in a list can show the Stats based on the current list…

Manage Your Day

Want to learn more? We have a collection of web clips dedicated to helping you get to grips with the basics of Gold-Vision in more detail. Click here to watch now

Viewing and Uploading Documents

View Documents in Global List Go to View and click on Search Documents, the list of all documents from Gold-Vision will then be displayed

Using The Flows View

The Flows view allows users to see data (for example Projects) in a view showing cards with 'swimming lanes'. Cards can be dragged and dropped in to different lanes.

Using Sites

Assign a Site to Gold-Vision records Sites can be assigned to different Gold-Vision Records. As default Gold-Vision will assign the Primary Site to all new records. Users can then choose a different Site:

Using Contact records

Users can easily manage Contacts within Gold-Vision using the action menu against the Contact record

Using Bulk Replace

Sometimes you might need to update a list of records with the same information, for example, change Account Manager from one user to another user. You can use Bulk Replace rather than having to update records individually.