General Settings

Mail Tracking Settings for Gmail

  1. Navigate to Settings→ Users→ Select a User from the list.

2. Select Actions→ Mail Tracking Settings.

3. Select Type IMAP 

  • Set the ‘Type’ to IMAP v2.
  • Set the ‘Authentication Method’ to Gmail Service Account OAuth.
  • Set the ‘Host Address’ to:
  • Set the ‘mailbox username’ to the users mailbox address.
  • Set the Gmail Service Account address to the service account address that was setup earlier.
  • Upload the certificate that was generated earlier (p12) file.
  • Add the Secret that was stored in a password manager.
  • Tick the ‘Use SSL’ checkbox.

4. SMTP Settings

  • Server:
  • Authentication method: Gmail Service (OAuth)
  • Tick the ‘SMTP SSL’ checkbox.
  • Port: 465.

5. Select Test to test the settings.

6. Select Save to save the settings.


The service account credentials can be reused, the certificate and secret does not need to be uploaded again.  

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