Configuring Gmail Mail Tracking with Basic Authentication


Please note: For information on configuring Gmail Mail Tracking with Modern Authentication, please click here.

Centralise your emails and appointments and keep your CRM up to date without having to switch back and forth between multiple screens and devices.

This integration will automatically track and store your emails and calendar appointments into Gold-Vision from any device, at any time.

Configuring your Gmail Integration

Navigate to the Users Settings page to begin the configuration

Settings (cog icon) → Users → Select the User → Click ‘Actions’ → Click on ‘Mail Tracking Settings’

Enter the following values in the fields shown:

Type: ‘IMAP v2’,

Host Address:

Mailbox Username/Alias: User’s Gmail email address

Mailbox Password: User’s Gmail password

Use SSL checkbox: Checked

Remember to Save changes and Test the connection.

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