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Merging Accounts Or Contacts

Accounts and Contacts can be merged in the Settings area within Data Management and select either Merge Accounts or Merge Contacts. Merge two Accounts or Contacts (a Source and a Target) and include sub items such as Opportunities and Activities. By checking the 'Delete source after merging' checkbox, you will be left with one record…

Creating Accounts & Contacts

Create A New Account An Account is the central record for managing all company information, whether they're customers, prospects, partners or suppliers. New Accounts can quickly be created by using the New Item menu:

Office 365 Contact Synchronisation with Gold Vision

Using Office 365 Contact Sync To use the Offince 365 Synchronisation you will need to view the field “Synced with Office 365” as a column in the contacts list.  Please ask your Administrator to make this visible if you cannot see it as a user. Against your contacts you will see a column which shows the contact is either…

Using Contact records

Users can easily manage Contacts within Gold-Vision using the action menu against the Contact record

Mail Tracking

How to track emails in Gold-Vision Emails are tracked in Gold-Vision if any of the conditions below are met: Where a Contact has an email address - emails to and from this Contact will be tracked into Gold-Vision.  By adding an email domain against an Account - emails to and from other people at the…