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Event Overview

Event, Session and Booking Management

Gold-Vision offers streamlined bookings and workflow management with Events.

  • Events can be used for Conferences, training, webinars and much more.   Setup simple Events, multi-session events over a number of days, or perhaps training courses with distinct modules using Events with Sessions to track your bookings and attendees.
  • Your attendees can be either Contacts in Gold-Vision or Leads in a Lead Management list or Anonymous
  • Gold-Vision also offers a multi Event booking feature, to enable delegates or attendees to be booked onto multiple Events at the same time.
  • Use Gold-Vision Reporting to track and monitor your Events.
  • Our financial integrations can be used to automate invoicing from Confirmed Bookings.
Use our Eventbrite Integration to manage online bookings and attendee interactions and capture the data in Gold-Vision.

Event Marketing

Events are integrated with Campaigns to enable email marketing from Gold-Vision Connect.  Manage your Event marketing from Event awareness and Invitations to post Event follow up and track responses and click through data.  Our section on Event Marketing will take you through how to setup your Campaigns.

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