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User Roles

Adding A Member To A Gold-Vision Item For any item you have the option to create a Team and allocate roles for your team members, these can be set up in Drop Downs within the Settings area, under Member Roles.

User Language Labels

Gold-Vision can be used in languages other than English. Adding a New Language in Gold-Vision In the User Language Labels area of the Settings area you can import labels for Gold-Vision in another language.

User Configuration

You can view the number of licenses within Licence Settings in the Settings area.

User Access Options

It may be that certain users or teams do not require access or edit abilities to item types which are irrelevant to them or have access/edit ability for business reasons.

User Defined Reporting

Whilst there are a number of pre-defined reports available from the Reports section within the View Bar, Gold-Vision's reporting also allows you to build, generate and manage custom reports from any List. Create & Run a Defined Report When in a List View, you have the option to use search and filtering functionality to drill down to the data…

How To Setup Product Group Targets

Product Group targets are set-up and managed within Product Targets in the Settings area. Setting up New Product Targets New Product Targets can be set up via the Actions menu.

How To Setup General Targets

Targets within Gold-Vision are managed in User Targets within Settings area. Setting up a New Target In this screen, you can create a new Target by selecting New within the Actions menu.