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Managing Home Page Dashboards

Sharing Homepage DashboardsClick on the three dots menu to share your Dashboard with colleagues or add more Widgets.

How to create a Home Page Dashboard

Home Page Dashboards (Tabs) can be used to display widgets and lists in a dynamic view.Click on the Gold-Vision logo (top left of the screen) or use the View menu.Creating TabsClick New Tab and enter a name for your Home Page Dashboard

Create Dashboards or Menus for your team

Create Homepage Dashboards or Menus for your team and make them public. This will help to make sure everyone is working from the same sales data. Dashboards can be created from your Product Sales List, Forecast list, Quotes and Opportunity Lists  

Setup GDPR In Gold Vision

GDPR and data privacy functionality can be setup in Gold-Vision Settings by your Gold-Vision Administrator. There are 3 simple steps for setup:

Pin to Home Page & Menu

Home Page Use your Home Page to display frequently used/ viewed Dashboards Click on the Gold-Vision logo (top left of the screen) or use the View menu.

Manage your monthly sales meetings

Using Gold-Vision for your Sales Meetings saves time when preparing for the meeting, no need for everyone to produce spreadsheets and send them to you prior to the meeting. Sales Meetings Dashboards In the meeting click through to segments of a chart or click on individual items on a list and update records as you…