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User Defined Reporting

Whilst there are a number of pre-defined reports available from the Reports section within the View Bar, Gold-Vision's reporting also allows you to build, generate and manage custom reports from any List. Create & Run a Defined Report When in a List View, you have the option to use search and filtering functionality to drill down to the data…

Standard Reporting

Reporting Gold-Vision harnesses the power or the Microsoft SQL Server® database by integrating the free SQL Reporting Services solution. Either choose from the wealth of pre-installed reports, or generate your own reports simply from any list view in Gold-Vision. Output the results into any of the popular formats (Excel, Word, PDF, XML, HTML, CSV etc.)…

Connect reporting

The Reporting tab on a Connect mail shot shows graphical information regarding the tracking data as well as detailed information regarding click-thrus, read dates and times.

Set up your annual reporting

Use Gold-Vision to standardise your reporting for your meetings and collate charts to track progress for the business.  Create widgets, tables or counts which are dynamically refreshed using the data in Gold-Vision. Use either the Sales and Forecast Lists, Opportunities or Quotes lists to get the data you want from your monthly or annual charts. Create…

Report Settings

Report Settings and Custom Reports can be found in the Settings area. Report Settings As an Administrator you can use Report Settings to select how Gold-Vision should render your reports.

Power searching

ANDSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing AND in United Kingdom. Here you could filter using two different column headers. ORSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing Or Retail. To achieve this you would use the ‘pipe’ symbol: |. For example, Manufacturing|Retail. EXCEPT Search Example: All Opportunities EXCEPT those with the Source field set to Partner Referral. To achieve this you would…

Item Reports

Account Account Summary, Activities Gantt Chart Contact Activities Gantt Chart Appointments Appointment Summary Activities N/A Opportunities Activities Gantt Chart, Opportunity Overview Quotes N/A Profiles N/A Projects Activities Gantt Chart, Project Overview Campaigns N/A Events Events Overview, Sessions Booking Planner

Creating A Target Chart

Charts, tables and counts are known as Widgets and can be created from lists or Home Pages.Target charts are a special type of chart that show performance against  Product Sales, Leads, Appointments and Activities or Product Group targets. 

Creating A Gauge Chart

What are Gauge Charts Gauge charts are a special type of Target Chart that measure the performance of Gold-Vision items e.g. Sales against a set goal. These charts are show users at a glance whether values are falling within an acceptable value or the outside acceptable value. Users can create Gauge Charts from for all…

Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics in Connect To enhance measurement of website traffic, Connect has the option to automatically include Google Analytics URL parameters in all links in an email. This can be turned on or off in Connect at the Send stage. We recommend leaving it on unless you specifically don’t want to track a particular…