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Product Settings

Lock closed Opportunities for non-admin. Yes – when accessing a closed opportunity, only administrators will be presented with an Open menu option, allowing further editing. The purpose of this is to ensure that historical sales information may be protected – especially if commissions are involved. Allow list price changes for non-admin Yes – This allows…

Financial Entities

Financial Entities are a solution that enable Gold-Vision to process data sets relating to multiple financial packages, i.e. Sage and Exchequer. Financial Entities can be accessed in the Settings area. To create a new Financial Entity use the New Icon.

Using Account records

The Account main menu enables users to perform different actions to the Account record: 

Creating An Opportunity

Opportunities are potential sales or business development with Accounts. Create A New Opportunity There are different ways to create Opportunities in Gold-Vision the most used options are: Option 1 - from the New Item Menu From Gold-Vision click the plus button then select Opportunity