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Using Secure Notes

Introduction to Secure notes The Secure Notes feature allows a user to create a note with an additional layer of security.  The body of the note is recorded in the database with encryption so that the data cannot be read if unauthorised database access were to take place.  Additional visibility can be configured so that…

Preference centre

Managing Campaign Preferences - Connect Link Using Connect you can add a link to your template that will take contacts to the Preference Centre. From here, every contact can manage their Campaign Preferences, choosing what kind of emails they would or wouldn’t like to receive from you.

Managing unsubscribes

Viewing Unsubscribers in Gold-Vision If a contact unsubscribes from a Gold-Vision Connect mail shot, then their Contact record will be automatically updated. You will notice on their contact record that Preference – Email has been unticked. This will make them an invalid recipient in future email campaigns.

Managing data privacy

Managing data since the introduction of legislation like GDPR and PIPEDA is something we all need to have under control, but rather than having to be a manual drain on resource, you can use automation to manage the heavy lifting. Automatically Managing Data Privacy Using Marketing Automation, you can set up a simple automated flow…

Data privacy opt in

Planning how you manage your opt-ins is an important process, especially since the introduction of legislation like GDPR, PIPEDA and CCPA. However, it doesn’t need to be difficult. Opt-In Through Connect Gold-Vision integrated with Gold-Vision Connect provides you with a trusted database of opted-in contacts who can easily be identified for ongoing communications. To make…