Lists / Menu

  • The Account field called External ID can be added to the Product Sales list
  • You can now create Quick Quotes from a custom menu
  • The Contacts sub list now retains the correct field labels
  • Drop option and numerical fields in a list can show the Stats based on the current list option (All, Team, My, Favourite or Dormant).
  • When looking at a Map view, applying additional filters automatically updates the entries on the map
  • Users can see the full field selector when changing field in a sub-list
  • Highlight Rules are displayed in the list view

Widgets / Dashboards / Reporting

  • View stats option now available on Unit Price column from bar chart created from Product Sales.
  • Users are now able to use US_ID_SUPPORT (Support or Contact Manager) within Contact reports.
  • Parent name now available on widgets that use parent type on x-axis or series.
  • Widgets created from Activities list now able to be ordered by date period.
  • Opportunity or Quote State for Closed-Lost or Closed-Won now included as a filter in dashboard widgets.
  • If the probability field is used in an Opportunity dashboard widget, clicking on the chart for an opportunity that has zero probability now only shows those zero probability opportunities and not the full list of opportunities.
  • It is now possible to use the Closed-Won State for Quotes as filters for Quote widgets.
  • When date data is used as a series in a widget to display by month, data now displayed in accurate month order.
  • When a date field is used on a widget as the series for a table it is now possible to have the option yyy/mm/dd as the date format.
  • When using a date field on the X axis for a widget with the display set by month, data now displays in accurate month order.
  • It is now possible to create a report from a list that includes a null filter against a date field.
  • Activity reports can now be added to the Overview in Account Screen Design and include the Site along the X or Y axis.
  •  ‘New’ button removed from Reports list as not required.


  • Users have the ability to navigate to Gold-Vision record from the Map View
  • The ‘’Show on Account Manager List’’ checkbox field on User Profile behaves correctly in Flow View
  • Social Authentication list displays all authentications for users with access to Settings
  • Privacy Dashboard – Purpose Removal Date displays the correct date
  • Links / Relationship options show only the enabled options
  • Notes have the correct title when added from Action Centre – To Do list

Accounts / Contacts

  • When using the advanced options in Screen Design to carry out a De-duplication check, this will run against the ‘All’ list even if your default view is different.
  • Rendering and scroll issues have been resolved on the Account screen
  • You can view a list of Links against an Account
  • When looking at Profiles on a Contact screen, the correct information is now displayed


  • No error when you update a site that is set as a business address for a dormant contact
  • You are now able to set “Primary Site as a dedupe field on Account without producing an error.
  • You now have the ability to save a site when one or more address fields are not screen-designed

Appointments / Activities / Calendar

  • Filtering the Activities list by Priority and Status fields now working as expected.
  • Calendar Views of the Activities list now supports any date field.

Settings / Screen Designer

  • Visibility user options for sections in the Screen Designer now only show users from the user list and not deleted users.
  • It is now possible to add more than 2000 drop options to a drop down field in the Screen Designer.
  • The Project screen will still open in the Screen Designer even if the Stage field has previously been removed from the screen.
  • When editing the Touchpoints list for a Leads sub list it is now possible to add columns using the Manage Options screen.
  • When adding an account user defined field onto the contact screen design, the field label set by the user will now copy across to the contacts screen and not the database field name.
  • It’s now possible to save the EMAIL1ADDRESS field in the Contact screen as an option to be included in Global Search.
  • Screens now appear in the Undelete list even when they have an additional date field set in their screen design which has highlight rules on the field.
  • Pages can now be re-ordered in the Screen Designer using drag and drop on the Reorder pages option.
  • Additional fields added to a Contact screen are now available for use in the OpportunityAccountContacts Picker list so they can be used when searching for a Contact to add to an Opportunity.
  • When initially adding a new date field in the Screen Designer, date fields can now be set and saved as showing the date only and not the default date and time setting.
  • All settings in Document Storage settings now saved.
  • When adding multiple list sections to a screen in the screen designer, it’s now possible to rename the first list section and have the name retained without saving the screen prior to adding the next list section.
  • It is now possible to add Tax Code as a column onto the Quote items list in the List Designer.


  • On Save Alert – Opportunity alert that creates a Quote correctly sets the contact field
  • On Save Alert – Setting the probability for an opportunity alert action retains the intended value
  • Alerts setting Contact values via Projects


  • Email Templates – Opportunity – Additional User Defined Drop fields displaying the correct value
  • Incorrect Option to create a new email from the view email list

Notes / Categories

  • Note reminders now respect the user culture settings for English (United States) for the date and time of the reminder to be set correctly to the US date format.
  • Notes list details field now only displays text and not HTML markup.
  • Note can now be opened from the Recent Events list.
  • Old notes that were created before the advent of Sticky notes, now appear correctly at the bottom of the Correspondence list
  • New Note button removed from Notes list.
  • Bulk Select option removed from Notes list.
  • Spaces now possible in Category names in Category Management.
  • Changes to existing categories are saved when adding new categories or deleting another category.
  • Categories now stay open for editing even if the cursor moves outside the category box.
  • Categories can now be used as a column on the All Campaign Contact Recipients list.

Documents / Templates / Gallery

  • Multi-Select fields now show the correct value when more than one option selected
  • Document Generation – Settings are retained when Filename is set to Template Name
  • Documents Templates Settings are retained as expected when upgrading to latest version.
  • Address Data for Primary Contact is included in the document created from template if Contact has been created at the same time with the Account
  • Long multi-line Document URLs are correctly hyperlinked when exported in Document Production as PDF
  • Multi Document drag and drop now overwrite all files at once
  • Gallery – all .JPG files display as expected

Opportunities / Quotes

  • Opportunity ‘’Days Open’’ field showing the correct value in list view and on screen
  • Quote Line items Total Price calculates the correct value when rounding prices with 3 decimal places.
  • Opportunity Days open field is single whole number with no decimal places
  • ‘Total Price’ for Quote Line Item has the correct Price even if ‘List Price’ is not designed onto the product picker
  • Copy Quote function now copies PR_UD11_NUMERIC –> PR_UD15_NUMERIC field
  • An issue with the line order resetting when using the API to update Quote Items has been resolved
  • When creating a Products, users can now set the Financial Entity


  • Automated Campaign Stages now calculate the percentage Delivered based on the Total Sent and percentages for Opened and Clicked based on the Total Delivered for clearer reporting.
  • You can now export campaign recipients for a campaign source, events or language labels when you have a SharePoint Integration
  • Charts showing the Bounced field from the Campaign Contact Recipients list now shows true and false as the options
  • You can now add user defined drop fields when viewing a Campaign Stage list.
  • You can now click through to a Lead from the All Campaign Lead Recipients List.
  • You can now create a new Campaign Source from the All Campaign Contact Recipients list
  • When adding Accounts to a Campaign Source you can now add multi-select fields to the sub list
  • All Campaign Contact Recipients list may not be used to generate a report with that list as a data source.
  • Users able to see details of Invalid Email/Fax/Letter/Phone on reports created from Recipients sub list within a Campaign Stage.


  • You can now add the Touchpoint score to a Contacts list
  • The Accounts list can show the Touch Point Score as column


  • Lead list now loads all lists in the system
  • Total Leads count updates correctly after Leads are being deleted
  • Main View Menu: Lead Assignment list has the correct title
  • Users can now filter Leads on Status
  • Leads can now be updated when popping out

Integrations / Plugins

  • Filtering on the Navision Date Filter on Transaction List has been corrected
  • CTI “Click to Dial” functionality now calling correct dialler for TPS numbers


  • Date format corrected for Document Production in Seminar Bookings
  • State column can now be added to Event Bookings list and accurately used to filter list of event bookings by Open, Closed – Won or Closed – Lost.