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How to Set up the Portal

Guide on how to set up your Gold-Vision Portal

How to Configure Portal Account Page

A guide on how to create and configure the Portal Account page

How to Configure Portal Activity Page

A guide on how to create and configure the Portal Account page

Portal View Examples

Guide on how Gold-Vision Portals can be used

Install the Portal

Install In order for you to access the Portal Install your Gold-Vision license will need to be updated and a valid subscription will need to be in place.  Please contact your Account Manager to activate a Portal subscription. In Gold-Vision go to the Integrations Storefront and click Integrations. From the integrations list select Portal, Forms…

Enable Portal Access

Contact Screen Design Access to the Portal is enabled via the Contact record in Gold-Vision. The Administrator user needs to add the Portal Section to the Contact record screen in the Screen Designer: Go to Settings open Screen Designer and select Contact.

Portal Management

Create a new Space In the Settings area search for Portal Management.

Portal View – Examples

View the Portal When logging on to the portal users will see the Account and / or Activity details as defined when designing your Portal. For more information on how to configure this please visit the configure Activity or Account portal pages. For example: If you have chosen Contacts the contact names and fields will…

Portal Overview

Overview CRM and Portals are relatively common these days, customers increasingly favour self-service online areas where they can access a location to exchange information and collaborate.  The Gold-Vision Portal allows businesses to extend their service offering with a customisable interface and a framework of portal pages to choose from. Enable your customers to view, update…

Account Portal Management

Creating a new space In the Settings area search for Portal Management.