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X and Y axis in charts

Not sure which way round the X and Y axis are? 

Setting up Sales Charts

Here are some examples of Sale Charts you might find useful, with steps on how to create them. Historical overview of Product Sales From Product Sales List, filter all Closed - Won Product Sales, clear all dates and create a Column chart 

Creating Sales Target Charts

Creating Target Dashboards Target dashboards can be created from the Sales or Forecasts Lists. Firstly, within either menu change the ‘State’ to ‘All’ and select a custom date.

Pin to Home Page & Menu

Home Page Use your Home Page to display frequently used/ viewed Dashboards Click on the Gold-Vision logo (top left of the screen) or use the View menu.

Sales Reports

Gold-Vision has built-in reporting which makes creating reports, charts and home pages simple for your sales reporting. Create Sales Reports Within various lists in the system you can create reports using the Actions Icon.