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Sales Reports

Gold-Vision has built-in reporting which makes creating reports, charts and home pages simple for your sales reporting. Create Sales Reports Within various lists in the system you can create reports using the Actions Icon.

Report Settings

Report Settings and Custom Reports can be found in the Settings area. Report Settings As an Administrator you can use Report Settings to select how Gold-Vision should render your reports.

List Stats

Allow users to quickly generate numeric statistics from almost any list They are most useful for quickly totalling numeric columns or discovering the spread of records within a list by a drop down value (for example ‘Account Type’).

Set up your annual reporting

Use Gold-Vision to standardise your reporting for your meetings and collate charts to track progress for the business.  Create widgets, tables or counts which are dynamically refreshed using the data in Gold-Vision. Use either the Sales and Forecast Lists, Opportunities or Quotes lists to get the data you want from your monthly or annual charts. Create…