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Creating A Gauge Chart

What are Gauge Charts

Gauge charts are a special type of Target Chart that measure the performance of Gold-Vision items e.g. Sales against a set goal. These charts are show users at a glance whether values are falling within an acceptable value or the outside acceptable value. Users can create Gauge Charts from for all areas in Gold-Vision excluding the Time object.


We recommend that users state the actual target value in the chart’s summary e.g. Sales this month – to target £100,000

Gauge Chart Details

  • the minimum value
  • the maximum value
  • the current value depicting how far from the maximum you are.
Alternatively, you can have up to 4 thresholds between the minimum and maximum values and visualize in which range the current value is falling.

How to create a Gauge Chart

From the Gold-Vision list click on Views and then Report

Click Create New Widget

Choose a Target Chart then select the type as Gauge Chart

Add the Name for your chart and choose your Y-Axis

Add your thresholds and choose the corresponding colour then click Save 

Once you have created your Gauge Chart you can pin this to your Home Page.

Click on the three dots on the right hand side of the chart enter the name of your chart and choose if you want to add it to an Existing or New Dashboard: 

Click Pin to Home Page, and then your Gauge Chart will appear on your Home Page Dashboard 

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