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How To Setup Product Group Targets

Product Group targets are set-up and managed within Product Targets in the Settings area. New Product Targets can be set up via the Actions menu. Setting up New Product Targets First go to Settings and click on Product Targets. Click on Actions and then press ‘New’ to start creating a new product target. Enter a unique name and choose…

How To Setup Sales Target

Gold-Vision gives you the ability to setup your own Sales Targets which is a great way to keep your Sales Teams focused and provide an overview on how your business sales are performing.  Targets can be setup for Sales, Leads, Appointments or Activities in Gold-Vision, these can then be used in the reporting area in…

Creating A Target Chart

Charts, tables and counts are known as Widgets and can be created from lists or Home Pages.Target charts are a special type of chart that show performance against  Product Sales, Leads, Appointments and Activities or Product Group targets. 

Creating Sales Target Charts

Creating Target Dashboards Target dashboards can be created from the Sales or Forecasts Lists. Firstly, within either menu change the ‘State’ to ‘All’ and select a custom date.

Creating A Gauge Chart

What are Gauge Charts Gauge charts are a special type of Target Chart that measure the performance of Gold-Vision items e.g. Sales against a set goal. These charts are show users at a glance whether values are falling within an acceptable value or the outside acceptable value. Users can create Gauge Charts from for all…