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Review invalid recipients

When viewing a campaign source, if certain Contact fields are not completed, then affected recipients will show as Invalid for that particular field. This can be due to a missing email address, incomplete address, missing phone number, unsubscribed from mailing list, etc.

Create a quick campaign

Campaigns are used to manage all of your marketing communications and campaigns in one place. The fastest way this can be achieved is by creating a quick campaign. You can create a quick campaign from any Gold-Vision or lead management list:

Create a campaign source

Campaign Sources are flexible, reusable lists that can be created for use with Gold-Vision Connect, mail merges or to simply export the data to a CSV file.

Campaign Introduction

Marketing Campaigns can be designed with multiple stages for various media types and as complex or simple as your requirements need. The Campaigns functionality can be used from both standard Gold-Vision and Lead Management data. In Gold-Vision campaigns you can also build source lists for use with Outlook email, phone, letter, SMS, Gold-Vision Connect or…

Add to an existing source

Add to an Existing Source Filter any Gold-Vision or Lead Management list as you require so that only the contacts/accounts you need are left. Go to the Actions menu, select Campaign, then Existing Source. Now, select the source that you want to add your list to and click OK.

Add/exclude recipients to a stage

Add Recipients To add a source to a campaign stage, use the Sources drag and drop section at the bottom of the Campaign Stage Overview page. Select from the list of all sources on the left, or search if you know the name of the source you want, you can also filter by My to see just your sources, and…

Create a ‘Cherry Picked’ source

You can approach developing a 'Cherry Picked' source in a few different ways. First, you could create an empty Source from the New item list, fill in the relevant fields, and then press save:

Using Contact records

Users can easily manage Contacts within Gold-Vision using the action menu against the Contact record