Gmail Integration Overview


Gold-Vision’s integration with Gmail allows you to link your emails and calendar with your CRM system so you have access to everything, in one place.


Gmail Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Centralise your emails and appointments and keep your CRM up to date without having to switch back and forth between multiple screens and devices. This integration will automatically track and store your emails and calendar appointments into Gold-Vision from any device, at any time.

You’re in control

Only want to track emails between your Sales team and CRM contacts, but not from your HR department? Or maybe you only want to sync certain folders within your mailbox? Either way, it’s simple to set up, and then you can relax as Gold-Vision does the work for you.


Works on any device, so whether you are using a mobile, tablet, or desktop, you’re always up to date with the latest information – both in your CRM, and your Gmail account.

Stay connected

Edit an appointment or reply to an email in either Gmail or Gold-Vision and automatically update your accounts with any sent or received communications or new appointments, linking the relevant files to the associated Accounts/Contacts.

3 Key Benefits of our Gmail Integration

  • Correspondence tracking – Gold-Vision allows you to track email conversations under accounts and contacts. This makes it easier for multiple team members working with the same lead or customer to keep up-to-date with information discussed.
  • Calendar syncing – Syncing your Gmail Calendar with your Gold-Vision instance allows you to view and manage appointments with contacts from within your CRM.
  • Action centre alerting – Syncing your Gmail Calendar with Gold-Vision means you will receive alerts from your action centre for scheduled events or appointments. The action centre also allows you to see your day view and activity To-Do List in one centralised area, automatically creating a schedule for your day to ensure that tasks are completed on time!

Setting up the Gmail Integration

If you are interested in setting up a Gmail integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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