Configuring Gmail Calendar Synchronisation – Basic Authentication


Please note: For information on configuring Gmail Calendar with Modern Authentication, please click here.

Gold-Vision allows integration with your Gmail mailbox.

  • Enable Calendar Synchronisation to form a two-way link between Gold-Vision and Gmail Appointment creation and management.

Configuring your Gmail Integration

There are 2 options available when setting up your Gmail integration with Gold-Vision:

(Option 1) Create a service account for each user which has permissions to their calendar

(Option 2) If G Suite domain is used, you can create a domain service account and grant it domain wide authority. More information on this setup can be found here.

Setting up a Service Account for each user (Option 1)

Ensure you have the Project selected in the dashboard

Enable the Google Calendar API

Browse to Library → Calendar API → Click Enable

Setup the Service Account and generate Private Key

Navigate to ‘Credentials’ → Create Credentials → Click on Service Account Key → enter GoldVision in the Service Account Name → Set the Role to Project Owner → Set Key Type to P12 → Click ‘Create

The .p12 Key will download (Save this somewhere safe). You will also be presented with the Private Key password (Copy and store in a safe location)

Obtain the Service Account Username

After you have created the service account and generated a new private key (as per above steps) you will need to obtain the service accounts username:

Go to ‘Credentials’ → Manage service accounts → Copy the Service Account ID (This is the Service Accounts Username)

Set permissions on the users calendar

Go to and login as the user

Click the cog symbol → Select settings from the options → Click Calendar and then ‘Shared – Edit Settings’

Add the service account email address: e.g.

Set the permission settings to ‘Make and Manage sharing’ → Save

Set calendar settings in Gold-Vision admin console
(In Gold-Vision)

Settings → Users → Click on a User → Click Actions → Select ‘Calendar Settings’

Set the fields with the following values:

Calendar Type : Google

Primary Email : This is the service account username not the users email address.

Password : This is the service account password.

OAuth Certificate : You will need to upload the private key you obtained.

Click on Test → Should receive ‘Success’.

The users calendar should appear in the Calendar/Folder field. → Save changes.

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