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Calendar Synchronisation

Calendar Synchronisation allows appointments created in Gold-Vision to be synchronised with an external calendar system and for appointments created in an external calendar system to be brought synchronised into Gold-Vision.

Calendar Synchronisation supports the following third party calendar providers:

  • Microsoft Exchange (2007 or later)
  • Google calendar
  • Office 365

To enable calendar synchronisation you may need to setup a service account: Setting up a service account for Office 365 & Exchange

Enabling Calendar Synchronisation

Calendar synchronisation can be set up in the Settings area under Calendar Synchronisation.

Global Calendar Settings

The different areas of synchronisation can be individually configured, allowing setting of the specific tasks to run.

Each area is enabled with a check box, along with a repeat time frame

Default Settings

The default calendar settings allow definition to apply to all users, including setting of the default username and password.

This allows definition of a service account user once rather than having to define it in each user individually. The default time zone and calendar type can also be defined.


If there are old appointments that you wish to be brought in, the earliest synchronisation date can be reset by you as an Admin, using the date control fields shown above to go back further in time.

Enabling Calendar Synchronisation Against a User

To finish the set up you please refer to Calendar Settings for Office 365 or Calendar Settings for Gmail.

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