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Viewing and Editing Alerts

Alerts can be grouped by type. Click to Edit or Delete

Touch Point Alert

Create an Alert based on a Touch Point score for Account, Contacts or Leads. Example: when a Touch Point score raises over a certain value alert the owner so they can follow up swiftly. Note - this option is only available with Marketing Automation.

Reminder Alert

Reminder alerts can be set up to show a renewal date is imminent. Example: If an Opportunity has not been updated for specified amount of time, or a renewal date is imminent.

On Save Alert

When a drop-down option is selected When a specific drop down is selected against the item you are setting up the alert forChoose which drop down field then choose the drop down value or values When a checkbox is ticked When a specific check box is either ticked or un-ticked against the item you are…

Note Alerts

This type of alert allows you to notify external and internal parties when a note is added to a particular item and/or where specific conditions are true.An alert appears for the owner of the activity if this is internal.

Email receipt Alert

For example: Link emails with a Support Call reference number to the Support Call. Step 1 Set up the reference number for the Support Calls Step 2 Create the Email Receipt Alert Condition : Alert if subject matches Activity ref Action: Link by email subject reference

Email Templates For Alerting

Email Templates can be set within the Settings area. 

Document alerting

You now have the ability to create alerting based off document production. To create an alert, this is in the same format that you would create other alerts. You need to be a system admin to create an alert. Head to the settings cog in the top right hand corner of the screen and select…

Configure Alerts Introduction

Alerting is designed to integrate Gold-Vision more closely with your business process and work flow. The Alerting module allows Gold-Vision to automate their business process using predefined criteria via Conditions and Actions. When an alert fires, it will only fire once. If the item is edited and saved and the criteria fields are unchanged, the…

Alert Trace

The Alert Trace is designed to assist you in diagnosing why certain alerts are not firing as expected. Alert Trace is available in the Settings area.