Using Gold-Vision

Dashboards & Reports

Manage Dashboards

The Manage Dashboards screen enables you to access additional options to for example Re-Order Hide / Show, Edit, Pin to Menu, Pop Out, Duplicate, Remove and Delete.

Re-Order Dashboards

On the Manage Dashboards screen, click and drag to re-order.

Hide / Show

You can click the Hide Icon or the Ellipsis Icon to control the visibility of a dashboard on your personal Home Page.

Click the Ellipsis Icon to view menu options.



Click Edit to access the Edit Dashboard Options.

You can edit the Dashboard Name and Share options.

You can also set access to dashboards for different teams and users.



Click for more information sharing and the Add Teams / Users options.

Click to Save.



Pin To Menu

You can pin a dashboard to a new or existing menu.

Pop Out

Pop out a dashboard to another tab in your browser.


Click Duplicate the duplicated Dashboard will display on your Dashboard as CLONED


Removes the Dashboard from your screen.


To delete the Dashboard for all users who have it.

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