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Web Form Integration Overview

Gold-Vision web form integration can automatically update the Lead management area in Gold-Vision with new leads.

You may already have a web form on your website which captures your lead data.  You can use the web form integration to capture this data automatically into Gold-Vision.  Lead Management is the best method to capture these leads as typically this information is unqualified.

Please contact your account manager to enable the web form integration.

At Gold-Vision we have setup Web Form Integration with our website to capture demonstration requests.  A potential customer visits our website and clicks on our ‘Request a Demo’ option, which provides them with the following screen.

The customer fills out their information and presses submit, which will then send all that information to a Lead List in Gold-Vision.

Drilling down into that lead list shows you the customers who have requested demos, complete with all the information that was filled out on the web form.

Now that we have the details for the customer on Gold-Vision we are able to use our intuitive Leads functionality to process the customer through our Gold-Vision lifecycle.

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