General Settings

Marketing Settings

Marketing Settings can be accessed in the Settings area.

  • Sync Connect Users option will sync all Gold-Vision users to Gold-Vision Connect.
  • The Sync Connect Campaign Types can be selected if you have amended the Campaign Types.
Campaigns Mode offers you three options:
  • Legacy Mode is for pre-Gold-Vision 7 Campaigns mode.
  • New Mode with Legacy Support will view legacy campaigns from the view menu only.
  • New Mode only will not provide access to legacy campaigns.


You can switch between Campaign Modes to review Legacy Campaigns.

  • Overall Limit allows you to set a limit on the number of emails a contact receives in a given time period. This overall limit can be left blank or a high limit set.
  • Limit Period can be used in conjunction with the Overall Limit, you can limit the volume of emails within a given number of days.
  • Limit by Type allows you to limit the number of emails that can be sent based on the email type.

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