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Configuring Modern Authentication for Gmail


  • Users must be using GSuite  including  Gmail business email. 
  • GSuite must be setup with a company domain. 
  • The GSuite user must be an administrator in order to create a service Account.
  • The user must have access to the Google Cloud Platform. 
  • The user must have access to the Admin section of the Google Apps Dashboard.   

Configure email Service Account

1.Navigate to and Create a new API Project  

2. Create a new API Project

3. Enter a suitable name e.g. ‘Gold-Vision’.  

4. Select IAM & Admin → Service Accounts   

5. Select ‘Create Service Account’   

6. Under ‘Grant this service account access to project’, set the role to ‘Owner’.  

7. Under ‘Keys’ select ‘Create key’:   

  • Set the key type to ‘p12’  

8. Save the certificate in a secure location and store the secret in a password manager.  

9. Navigate back to Service Accounts and select the service account that you created.   

  • Make note of the Unique Id (Client ID) and Service Account address.  

10. Navigate to  

  • Show more
  • Security→ API Controls (Access and Data Control)
  • Domain-Wide delegations→ Manage Domain-Wide Delegation (At the bottom)
  • Select Add new
  • Under Client Name enter the Service Account’s Unique Id (Unique/Client Id not service account name).
  • Under API scopes enter: and

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