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The Gold-Vision Add-In tab is available on both the main Outlook ribbon (when looking at Emails or Contacts/People) and within individual email messages.

To add a message Gold-Vision, select it within the Inbox (or other folder) or open the item, then click Add Message to Gold-Vision.

Note: We aim to offer customers the best and most stable Outlook integration possible. This is why from March 2017, the Outlook 2007 plug-in is no longer supported.

Download the Plugin

To download the Outlook Add-In, go to

You can then Save and Run or just Open the installation program.


When prompted by the Installation program click the Install button.

This will download and install the Add-In, returning the following message once complete.

 Setup in Outlook

When you next start Outlook, you will see an additional Gold-Vision tab in the ribbon (right-hand side).

Add-In Settings

Click the Settings button.

  • Enter the web address you use for accessing Gold-Vision, suffixed /legacy


  • You can also test the connection from this screen.
  • If you use a Gold-Vision server on your domain, you should not need to specify credentials, but if you are using a hosted Gold-Vision setup or your connection to Gold-Vision is through and external address, you may need to specify your logon details (including domain name).
  • The proxy settings allow you to set a proxy address if needed to connect to the Gold-Vision server.
  • If you have changed the Global Names of objects on your system, you can use the Update Labels from Gold-Vision button to bring these details back through to the Add-In.
  • You can also select whether you are prompted when an email is successfully linked from Outlook via the Add-In.

Once correctly configured, the button on the Add-In in the ribbon will be unlocked.


If you have any issues with the Outlook plugin please review the Outlook Plugin Troubleshooting page.

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