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Lead nurture

Nurturing leads properly is all about ensuring that your product/service stays at the top of their minds. Lead nurture series can be as simple or as complicated as you like, depending on your requirements. For instance, you could set up a series that sends an email every 10 days to all leads with a status…

Intro to Lead Management

With Gold-Vision’s Lead Management Tool you can capture, de-duplicate, score, qualify and allocate your leads with ease.  Use the tool to manage your leads separately from your main Gold-Vision data.  This is especially useful when you have data from multiple sources, for instance exhibitions, web leads and office enquiries.There are a number of options when…

Capture, Manage & Nurture Exhibition Leads

Lead lists can be created for various sources. In order to track lead conversion from specific sources it can be useful to setup multiple lists to capture where your leads have come from.Capturing your leads at an exhibition can make the process much simpler and efficient, especially as these can be captured on either mobile…