Lead Forensics Integration Overview


Gold-Vision’s integration with Lead Forensics feeds data into your Touch Points list, giving you a greater idea of who is spending time on your website. In turn, the touch point scores allow you to find high-quality leads and prospects and better understand user behaviours.

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Lead Forensics Integration for Gold-Vision CRM

Make the most of your website by combining the power of Lead Forensics with Gold-Vision CRM to gain real-time leads and rich data intelligence, all in one place. Lift the curtain on anonymous website visitors and supercharge your sales team in the process – increase online marketing ROI and close sales leads you never knew you had.

Powerful insights

The integration with Lead Forensics automatically matches website visit activity to existing leads and accounts inside Gold-Vision, giving you the power to quickly identify the businesses that visit your website but don’t inquire.

You’re in control

You choose whether you want to import all visitors or only the visit types that are of specific interest to your business. Whatever you decide, Gold-Vision automatically assigns website visitors to the associated lead or account allowing your sales & marketing teams to put it to action immediately.

Gain a competitive advantage

Integrating your CRM with Lead Forensics will give your sales & marketing teams the edge required to stay one step ahead of the competition at all times. Your marketing team can carry out targeted email marketing campaigns based on which visitors are looking at which pages of your website. Sales teams can prioritise your hottest leads straight away using touch point scoring.

3 Key Benefits of our Lead Forensics Integration

  • A powerful combination – The combination of Gold-Vision’s Touch Point Scoring, lead lists, account, and contact information alongside the ability to further inform these scores with Lead Forensics gives you a powerful tool. Lead Forensics matches the website visitor with existing leads, if applicable, giving you a clear idea of those who keep visiting but haven’t yet enquired.
  • Stay ahead of the competition – Gold-Vision’s integration with Lead Forensics gives you a competitive edge, with the ability to target high-quality leads with relevant marketing materials based on what they have been searching on your website.
  • Specific tracking – Lead Forensics gives you the ability to track all or only specific areas of your website.

Setting up the Lead Forensics Integration

If you are interested in setting up a Lead Forensics integration for your business, please contact our Support Team.

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