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Simple Time Management

Users can log time against Gold-Vision records to track how much time has been used to complete tasks. Time is entered by users using the Log Time functionality and the total / breakdown of time entries is then displayed on the Gold-Vision record. The Log Time functionality is available against an Account, Account Activity, Contact…

Linking Purchased Units

This page will show you how to Link Units to Unit Product Sales in Gold-Vision and log units used for this. Prerequisites Before you go ahead and start using this functionality, make sure the following items have been screen designed on the required Gold-Vision records: Products have been Linked to Purchase Units see Configuring Time page for more…

Introduction to Time

A feature which can be used for recording time against Gold-Vision records, useful for monitoring productivity of users when they are managing tasks. Where can I use Time? Time recordings are available in the following areas: Account Account Activity Contact Activity Opportunity Opportunity Activity Project Project Activity Time Features Time feature has been designed to…