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Configure Alerts Introduction

Alerting is designed to integrate Gold-Vision more closely with your business process and work flow.

The Alerting module allows Gold-Vision to automate their business process using predefined criteria via Conditions and Actions.

When an alert fires, it will only fire once. If the item is edited and saved and the criteria fields are unchanged, the alert will not fire again. If however, one of the criteria fields changes away from the “true” condition, then changes back at a later date, the alert will fire again.

This section of the help site explains the key areas of setting up and managing alerts.

Configure Alerts

Choose the Alert Type

  • On Save Alert  When a Gold-Vision item is saved, if specified criteria are met, then an alert can fire
  • Reminder Alert – If an object does not change for a specified amount of time, an alert can fire.
  • Custom Item – “Custom” items can be added to the homepage New menu, resulting in the creation of a certain object with defined fields already set.
  • Email Receipt Alert – Alerts which will fire when emails are received which meet certain criteria.
  • Document Alert – Alert on document generated
  • Touch Point Alert – the touch point score will determine the actions of the alert. (Note – this is only available to Marketing Automation)
  • Note Alert – when a Note is added or edited by a user
In addition to this, there are also Note Reminders, which can be set when creating a note and will alert the creator of the note at the relevant point, and Due Date Alerts for Activities, which will alert the Owner of the Activity at the time and date as set in the Due Date field. These two types of Alert can only be created through the Gold-Vision user interface.

When a new Alert is created, you will be presented with the choice of which type of Alert you want to create from the choices above  Click on the type of Alert required to proceed.

Add Condition

Conditions – what causes the alert to fire:

Parent Condition

Add the Action

Add Action – what will happen once the Alert has fired:


Tip: If you are creating a new item, you can configure the fields for that item, e.g. owner, summary, due date.

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