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Using Word Mail Merge

Word mail merge can be used to create a personalise Outlook email to a group of recipients using a campaign source You can either create a campaign source and export the recipients or you can create a quick campaign and, from the stage, export the valid recipients. Creating a Quick Campaign Filter your contacts, create…

Gold-Vision 8 Upgrade Planning

Gold-Vision functionality Legacy Campaigns Please speak to your Account Manager if you are still using Legacy Campaigns Contact Outlook synch Planned for Q4 TPS Import  Please speak to your Account Manager if you use the TPS Import Local document storage This is no longer supported in Gold-Vision 8. Please contact support if you have users…

April 2021

Key New Features:

Adobe Sign Integration Overview

Adobe Sign Integration for Gold-Vision CRM You’ve already made a great first impression – why stop there? Streamline your sales and project management processes with a simple online sign-off process for all your important customer interactions and deliver a quality customer experience. Adobe sign integration allows you to send PDF documents directly from Gold-Vision and…

Create a campaign source

Campaign Sources are flexible, reusable lists that can be created for use with Gold-Vision Connect, mail merges or to simply export the data to a CSV file.

Campaign stage types

Connect Running a stage with the Media type set to Email (Connect) will upload the recipients to Gold-Vision Connect. From there you can design your email and send it.

Merging Accounts Or Contacts

Accounts and Contacts can be merged in the Settings area within Data Management and select either Merge Accounts or Merge Contacts. Merge two Accounts or Contacts (a Source and a Target) and include sub items such as Opportunities and Activities. By checking the 'Delete source after merging' checkbox, you will be left with one record…

Managing Duplicate Data

There are several ways to keep your data clean in Gold-Vision.Duplicate CheckingWhen adding or amending an Account or Contact, Gold-Vision can run a duplicate check. 

Bulk Document Production

Users can generate documents in bulk from most Gold-Vision lists where the item can already be used to generate documents from a template. The advantage of this functionality is that many documents can be generated quickly at once from a filtered list. 

Managing your Leads

Viewing LeadsAll Leads can be viewed from the View → Leads.You can also view Leads from specific Lead Lists. View  → Lead Lists.Select My Leads to view Leads that have been assigned to you or those you have claimed.You can quickly work through your leads using the forward and back buttons