Configuring the Lead Forensics Integration


Lead Forensics is a software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic, and turns them into actionable sales leads. In real-time.

You can filter this data into Gold-Vision, score it using touch point scoring and create follow up activities or opportunities for your users in Gold-Vision.

Enable Lead Forensics Integration

1. To enable the integration you must retrieve your customer key from within Gold-Vision license settings, you must be a system administrator to see this page:

2. You will then need to send your customer key to your Lead Forensics account manager and ask for the following:

  • Enable the integration between Gold-Vision CRM and Lead Forensics
  • Set the data feed to automatic
  • Lead forensics will display the Gold-Vision logo next to your data once it is enabled

3. Navigate to Touch Point Rules from the settings area

4. Create a new touch point rule for Lead Forensics:

  • Following a successful activation you can setup multiple touch point rules which respond to website visits.
  • Select New Rule for LeadForensic

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