How to create quotes

Video Transcript

In this video we’re going to demonstrate how to create and manage quotes directly from an Opportunity.

Let’s start by revisiting the Opportunity we crafted in Topic 2.  With your Opportunity open, click the plus button in the top right of the opportunity, then select ‘Quote’

You’ll now have the chance to input all relevant details for your quote. For our demonstration, we’ll pick the ‘Landscaping Services’ pricelist.”

There are also different types of quotes you can set: draft, final, and revised. Choose the one that best suits your needs. After saving, venture below to the ‘Quote Lines’ section. This area is crucial – it’s where you add products listed within Gold-Vision. Let’s add a few items.

Modifying an item is straightforward. Just hit the dropdown next to the Sort Order. You can also in-line edit these items. As you make these updates, you’ll notice the widgets on the page dynamically reflecting these changes, giving you a snapshot of the quote’s main figures.

Now that we have created a quote in the conventional way, we are going to demonstrate the “quick quote” feature

From the burger menu on the left-hand toolbar, simply choose ‘Quick Quote’. You’ll be greeted by the familiar ‘New Quote’ screen. Here, input the required details, and for this example, we’ll once again choose the ‘Landscaping Services’ pricelist.

Using the highlighted checkbox, you can opt to ‘include in opportunity’. This will include the quote value in the opportunity’s value, and as such add this value to the forecast. If the quote has a very low likelihood of turning into a sale, you can omit this from the opportunity so as not to over optimise your forecast.

Now that the quick quote has been created, you can add and edit products just like previously demonstrated.