How to create an opportunity

Video Transcript

In this lesson we will show you how to create an opportunity.

You can create an opportunity from new menu or from within an Account.

In this example we are going to create a new opportunity for a Landscaping Company. From within the Company click on the + icon to select Opportunity. The new opportunity screen will be displayed, the fields on the screen are fully configurable and fields displayed in red are mandatory.

Complete the Summary check the Account & Contact details:

  • The Stage is used to track and report on where an opportunity is in the sales qualification process.
  • The Type can be selected the list is pre-defined by your administrator and can also be used for reporting.

Gold-Vision includes multi-currency quoting.  Simply choose the currency required. Your administrator can add new Foreign Currencies.

You can also select a Sales person as the opportunity Owner.

You can set an Estimated Close Date and a Probability percentage which can be used for sales forecasting reports.

Once saved you can use the icons to Edit, Add notes, Link items, Create a Template, Add time or Pop out into a new window.

The Actions menu also gives you additional options relating to the opportunity.

The + (new) icon displays new records that can be created, in the next video we will show how to create a Quote.