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The Gold-Vision Quotation and Product system is fully multi-currency; with any number of foreign currencies and exchange rates able to be added. To view and manage foreign currencies, you can select Foreign Currencies from the Admin area.

Foreign Currency Prices

You can view the prices of all products in a particular currency. To do this, select the Currency Name and then select the Prices Tab. From here, you can edit each product by selecting the inline edit option against the relevant price and updating the Tax Code, Fixed Price or Cost of the product relative to the currency.


The use of product currency fixed prices is completely optional and can be used on a per-product or currency basis.


When using Products and Quotes with foreign currencies, Gold-Vision will automatically exchange the base price for the foreign currency equivalent. Whilst convenient, this does not always result in an appropriate number. Editing the prices for a currency allows you to specify an exact, rounded price for a given product and currency.

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