Introduction to opportunities & quotes

Video Transcript

Welcome to our tutorial on how to navigate and utilize the ‘Opportunities and quotes’ functionality within Gold-Vision.

From the homepage, navigate to the burger menu on the left-hand side toolbar. Select ‘Opportunities’ from this menu to access the opportunities list.

At this stage you might be wondering, what are ‘Opportunities’? Think of them as open quotes or potential business deals. They aid sales teams in creating a forecast and maintaining a record of their goals. In essence, an opportunity is a folder which may encompass several quotes, offering a comprehensive summary of that potential source of revenue.

Now, let’s familiarize ourselves with the standard fields present in the ‘Opportunities’ view. Here, you’ll see fields such as:

  • Opportunity summary
  • Account
  • Value
  • Stage
  • Type
  • Contact
  • State

Please note, this view can be amended by system administrators and catered to your business requirements.

To make the most of this feature, let’s explore how you can filter these fields. Say you want to view opportunities scheduled to close this month.

  • First, we need to add the ‘Estimated close date’ as a new column.
  • Next, set the filter to ‘this month’ as demonstrated here.
  • Lastly, click on the kebab menu – those three vertical dots next to the ‘Value’ field. This will display the total potential revenue for the month.”

Delving deeper, let’s open a specific opportunity. Information such as the opportunity value, as well as details of the primary contact are showcased. Within the opportunity, there is an overview section where you can access its associated quotes. Opening a quote will present you with its detailed information.

An Opportunity can encompass just one quote, or it can summarize multiple quotes. Furthermore, quotes can be formulated using a document template in Gold-Vision. But don’t worry, we’ll delve deeper into this in later videos.

Thank you for watching our introduction of Gold-Vision opportunities and quotes. Now that we have covered the basics of what Opportunities and Quotes are, please see our next video which will go into detail about how to create a new opportunity.