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Power searching

ANDSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing AND in United Kingdom. Here you could filter using two different column headers. ORSearch Example: filtering Accounts with Industry set to Manufacturing Or Retail. To achieve this you would use the ‘pipe’ symbol: |. For example, Manufacturing|Retail. EXCEPT Search Example: All Opportunities EXCEPT those with the Source field set to Partner Referral. To achieve this you would…

Add Web External Items to Dashboards

Gold-Vision has the power to add Web External Items to your Dashboards. This can be useful to link either useful web content or reporting from a Third Party tool if a web link is available.

Data bridge import

To find out more about Data Bridge pricing please visit our Pricing Page

Data Bridge

Data Bridge for Gold-Vision CRM Enable automated importing of sets of data into Gold-Vision, to create and/or update records. The Data Bridge allows imports of multiple data sets from different sources, with varying levels of complexity, into all core areas of the system, including the ability to trigger alerts and workflow from the incoming data…

Gold-Vision On-Premise Technical Requirements

Requirements Recommended* 10-50Users 51-100Users 100+Users  Operating System Windows Server Standard 2019 – – – Processor  Virtual processors (2.3GHz+) 4 4 6 Memory GB RAM 24 GB 28 GB 32 GB Hard Disk Separate SSD disks with at least 500GB capacity. 500GB 1TB 1TB + Additional  O: drive needs to be provisioned as a separate physical…

What’s New in Gold-Vision 8

Simple by design Powerful CRM systems don’t have to be complicated, and Gold-Vision 8 is proof of this. Every aspect has been designed to be easy-to-use without sacrificing functionality. As a result, you get a CRM that not only meets the needs of every team but is also loved by every team. Highlights include:  

Microsoft SharePoint Integration Overview

Sharepoint for Gold-Vision CRM Working collaboratively as a team and ensuring consistent document output is made easy with Gold-Vision’s SharePoint Integration. It’s likely that your organisation is either considering or already using SharePoint or Microsoft teams as the central store for their documents. So why not take all the best features on offer with SharePoint…

Lead Forensics Integration Overview

Lead Forensics Integration for Gold-Vision CRM Make the most of your website by combining the power of Lead Forensics with Gold-Vision CRM to gain real-time leads and rich data intelligence, all in one place. Lift the curtain on anonymous website visitors and supercharge your sales team in the process – increase online marketing ROI and…

Setting up a service account for Office 365 & Exchange

Please note: For information on configuring with Modern Authentication, please click here. Introduction Gold-Vision automatically tracks email (and synchronises Tasks, Appointments and Contacts from MS Exchange) by using a service on the local server to login to users' mailboxes and record messages into the CRM system. The settings for privacy and exclusions outside of this…

Standard Reporting

Reporting Gold-Vision harnesses the power or the Microsoft SQL Server® database by integrating the free SQL Reporting Services solution. Either choose from the wealth of pre-installed reports, or generate your own reports simply from any list view in Gold-Vision. Output the results into any of the popular formats (Excel, Word, PDF, XML, HTML, CSV etc.)…