Gold-Vision On-Premise Technical Requirements

Gold-Vision On-Premise Technical Requirements


Maintaining Gold-Vision on a server that has less than the recommended requirements may result in inadequate performance, e.g. Single Server for both Application and SQL Server.

* Actual requirements and product functionality may vary based on your system configuration and operating system.

Application Server – Windows

Operating SystemWindows Server Standard 2019
Processor Virtual processors (2.3GHz+)446
MemoryGB RAM24 GB28 GB32 GB
Hard DiskSeparate SSD disks with at least 500GB capacity.500GB1TB1TB +
Additional O: drive needs to be provisioned as a separate physical drive on the server for deployment software (Octopus), with at least 15GB capacity.


The Minimum supported Windows Operating System is Windows Server Standard 2019.

SQL Server

Operating System Windows Server Standard 2019
SQL Server Version Microsoft SQL 2019
ProcessorVirtual processors (2.3GHz+)488
Memory GB RAM32 GB 64 GB96-128 GB
Hard Disk Separate SSD disks with at least 500GB capacity 500GB1TB1TB+


The minimum supported Microsoft SQL Server version is 2019 Standard.


To be installed on the Application Server

DescriptionRequired Application 
Windows Internet Information Services
Web software for hosting application
Application Server Role ComponentsMicrosoft .Net framework v4.8
Web Server (IIS) Support
Web Server (IIS) ComponentsWindows Authentication
Dynamic Content Compression
WebSocket Protocol
Application Development Components.NET Extensibility 3.5
.NET Extensibility 4.5
Microsoft .NET core 8.0 Runtime & Hosting Bundle
PowerShell 5
AdditionalRed Gate DLM automation
Microsoft Shared Management Objects 2016
Microsoft System CLR Types 2016

Firewall/Proxy Allowed Addresses

For installation and updates and licence registration Gold-Vision requires the following addresses to be accessible if you use proxy or a firewall.

DescriptionRequired Application 
Gold-Vision Licensing
Octopus Server – IP and port:
Single Sign On
Gold-Vision API
Usage Tracking
Feature Enablement


In choosing to manage an on-premise installation of Gold-Vision, you are accepting responsibility for a range of tasks and services which are normally provided as part of our hosting environment.   Although Gold-Vision uses industry-standard technologies, it is a comprehensive product and very likely to contain business-critical information.  In the technical area, this would include

  1. Installing, running and monitoring the 3 main elements of a GV installation
    1. An IIS/.Net web application
    2. A SQL/Server database
    3. A Windows file system document store
  2. Security
    1. Managing user access rights to the system (In conjunction with a GV administrator)
    2. Managing administration access rights for the initial installation and subsequent updates
    3. Managing External access & SSL Certificates
    4. Windows, SQL, and Gold-Vision patching and updating
  3. Backups
    1. Ensure that SQL/Server backups are correctly configured and monitored in line with the chosen transaction logging strategy
    2. Ensure that other elements of the system and backed up and monitored
  4. Capacity Planning
    1. Monitor usage levels and space utilisation for SQL/Server
    2. Monitor disk space usage for the attachment/document storage (Which is expected to grow over time)
  5. Disaster Recovery
    1. Ensure appropriate resources are available off-site in line with the company Disaster Recovery plan

File API Document Storage

Please follow the below recommendations if you require to capture files for the following:

  • Gold-Vision Portal
  • Aster API end points


NOTE The File Api currently only supports windows file system based document stores. SharePoint is NOT supported.


  • Setup an additional active directory user to act as the application pool user for the File Api. Capture the full username (domain\user) and password for later steps.
  • Create an additional document store which will be used for storing any files committed to the file ap. This document store should be separate from the primary document store. Ensure a UNC share is setup for this location and capture this for later.
  • Setup a Webdav in IIS to point at the file Api’s document store
  • Setup permissions for the document store. Recommendations for these are:
    • Primary Gold-Vision application pool user – Modify permission
    • File Api application pool user – Modify permission
    • All Gold-Vision users (or a group they all belong to) – read permission

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